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United Progressive Alliance party roots Mashinani .

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UPA party leader Herbert Mwachiro and other party officials during the opening of Party offices in Nyamira . [Photo courtesy ]

By Gusii star .

Nyamira Kenya 06/11/2021 United Progressive Alliance party (UPA) has urged members  to come out in large numbers and register on the party since it accommodates all.

UPA is a rebrand of Party of Economic Development with a slogan of “Kazi na Haki”

Speaking at Nyamira during the opening of Nyamira Branch Kazi office, the party deputy leader Herbert Mwachiro said that UPA party is like any party which has a vision of having more more elective seats in the coming general election 2022.

Mr Mwachiro noted that they are willing to work with other political parties to reduce income inequalities, protection of the markets for the local producers and protection of workers’ rights.

“We want to do away with brokers so that the farmers can sell their produce directly and get the profit as it’s,”Mwachiro said.

Through our party, we aspire to achieve a normal distribution of the nation’s wealth, reduce income inequalities, protection of markets for the local producers and protection of workers’ rights,” he said.
Mwachiro said the party will form an alliance with other like-minded outfits.

The party’s theme colors are red, white and green with a motorbike as its symbol as the slogan is Kazi na Haki.

Party chairman, Eliki Tom Musamali said that the UPA is major role is to improve the economy of the country .

The party’s Secretary General John Obwocha added that the party intends to aggressively pursue it’s agenda to revive the economy.

He noted that there are many untapped opportunities in the country.
The UPA Secretary General said that they have already opened party offices in all the constituencies in Kisii and Nyamira counties and that it invited members to contest for various political seats in the forthcoming general election and that the nomination exercise will be free and fair.

The party intends to open more branches a cross the country and they are going to have a presidential flag bearer in the coming general election 2022.
The party officials asked the illigible youths to register as voters .