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Shun from being misused by politicians and take your space youths advised.

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Okeng'o Nyambane [] Photo Courtesy

By Gusii Star .

*Youths have been severally accused of being misused by politicians to cause Chaos.

*it’s your time to know your space .

*kisii senatorial Candidate Okengo Nyambane has been supporting the youths positive through initiating programs and support of talents.

Kisii Kenya 21 November 2021…….As 2022 general election is beckoning youths have been urged to shun from being used by politicians who have their self interest.

Speaking to gusii star Kisii Senatorial aspirant Okengo Nyambane has adviced the youth in Kisii Region to distance themselves from Leade of that culbar who are fond of using them in bullying, spreading lies,and misinformation on social media platforms.

” We have few months to the polls and a number of contestants in Kisii Region have declared their interests for various seats whereby some have fallen into a tactic of bullying their competitors by misusing the youth to abuse them”

“We are witnessing the youths spreading lies,by us of social media by misinformation and fake news , blackmail others , I urge the youths to focus positively ” Okengo said

According to Okengo this is the right time youths needs to indentify their role in politics and support leaders who have their interests at heart but not giving them as less as Ksh.300 to be used on social media platforms to abuse their competitors.

“Time has come when youths should be in high table and take their space “he added

This comes after a section of youths from Bonchari have warned any politician who will be using youths in negative ways for their own benefit .