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OKA reaches out to Bungoma voters for support for State House bid.

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One Kenya Alliance kicked off its weekend campaign in western Kenya with a first stop in Webuye town where the principals urged the residents to stand with the alliance leaders.

Led by Musalia Mudavadi of Amani National Congress, Moses Wetangula of Ford Kenya, KANU’s Gideon Moi and Kalonzo Musyoka of Wiper, the principals said the country is ripe for a transformative leadership.

In a show of unity, the principals reiterated their commitment to the unity of the alliance and none of them is holding brief for anyone in the alliance.

“I would like to tell Kenyans that I am not holding brief for anyone. We will not allow to be forced or coerced into any political camp. My aim and focus is to form  government and grow and expand our economy for the benefit of my fellow Kenyans,” said Mudavadi.

The assurance came amidst claims and disquiet from some quarters in the alliance who feel that some of the principals are spies of ODM leader Raila Odinga in the alliance.

“Let no one think that he will scuttle the unity being created by Kenyans through the One Kenya Alliance, as they have done in the past. We are committed to a one united country,” said the ANC party leader.

Firing a warning to the principals, Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala threatened to lead other MPs and foot solders out of the alliance should the principals decide to support Raila.

Same threat has in the past been issued by his Kitui counterpart Enock Wambua who is in record warning his party leader Kalonzo Musyoka of similar fate should he decide to walk out of the alliance and support Raila.

Speaking in various stopovers across Bungoma County, Mudavadi regretted the high levels of poverty in the region caused by the intentional killing of industries and factories that were behind the thriving economy of the region.

“It is regrettable that the poverty level in western region has gone up due to the collapse of factories like Mumias Sugar Company. Same can be said of across the country. This can only be reversed with good leadership in a government that can only be formed by registering as voters and voting in the right people,” said Mudavadi at Bukembe trading centre.

He added: “I truly understand the challenges facing our people and my focus is to provide the solution to the problems we are facing as a country.”

Speaking in Bungoma town, Mudavadi regretted that corruption and misuse of public resources has greatly contributed to the high levels of poverty in the country.

“Our people are suffering and living in abject poverty. There is no dignity in poverty; its time we stand together as Kenyans to liberate ourselves from the chains of poverty and politics of handouts and empty promises,” he said.

“The collapse of our industries and factories has rendered many Kenyans jobless and rendered them poor. We have a solution to all these. We shall end graft by all means and revive the fallen industries to create jobs and ultimately have a working economy for all,” he said in a rally at town centre stopover, accompanied by the other OKA principals.

Kalonzo sought to clear the air by saying that OKA agenda is to unite the country and invite everyone to it including Raila.

Kalonzo said any leader is welcome to join the alliance and offer his support but not to be supported.

The rallies were also addressed by Gideon Moi, Wetangula, Jirongo and a host of MPs.