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The Kenya Internally Displaced Persons Organization (KIDPO) is urging the political class to refrain from politicizing the police force to avoid compromising their bid to ensure peace and security for all.

The patron to KIDPO ,Peter H Tena, says the police should be allowed to execute their constitutional mandate without duress from state officers who  are pursuing personal interests. 

Tena who spoke at a news conference in Nakuru after a consultative forum with some of the 13,000 members of the organization  tasked the Inspector General(IG) of police to institute a thorough audit of police stations with a view of ensuring that they are fully prepared to protect lives and property of Kenyans ahead of next year’s general elections. 

He called on the IG to ensure that police stations in volatile areas  of the  country  are adequately equipped to avert lawlessness which he says precipitate chaos  that lead to evictions and hate crimes. 

His sentiments were informed by the  recent spectacle in Lanet area of Nakuru County where a police station house  was defaced  by unknown people just hours after Deputy President William Ruto had commissioned it.
Tena observed  that the police are supposed to work independently of political persuasions  and serve citizens equally in accordance with the law.  

He appealed to Kenyans to exercise tolerance at various political persuasions saying diversity in opinion is the right recipe for a mature democracy.

As the fervor for coalitions take center stage on the political stage,the patron called on politicians  to forge inclusive alliances that  will enable all 47  tribes in Kenya to participate in their agenda.

He took a swipe  at the subtle  political zoning saying it is increasingly doing a disservice to a nation that  has become united by way of painstaking peace building initiatives. 

Tena challenged politicians to lead peace campaigns across the country in the effort to steer a united country to a general election that he anticipates to be critical to  regeneration of the country.

Ruth Wanjira a member of the organization  cautioned politicians against polarizing the country saying this is inimical to the ongoing peace building processes that are meant to ensure integration and cohesion among Kenyans .
She appealed to stakeholders to ramp up peace building initiatives across the country to ensure peaceful campaigns and elections.