The Gusii Star, a bi-weekly newspaper, that covers and analyzes Gusii news, sports news, business news and trends. Over time, its circulation has steadily grown as well as the readership. It is available every 2 weeks in all the major urban centers of the country with Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu with Kisii and Nyamira taking up about two- thirds of the circulation. In addition, the subscription base has grown targeting both public and private organizations and as well as individuals.


We deliberately target the upper and middle crust of society, that is, opinion Makers, manufacturers and professionals of this great nation, Kenya. In addition, we have continuously engaged the business community, government officials and other senior institutions constructively by incisively addressing various social, economic and political issues


Being a bi-weekly, The Gusii Star has distinguished itself in maintaining coverage and analysis of business that is much deeper and more exhaustive.


Besides, The Gusii Star offers a unique business perspective to news events with exclusive interviews, critical analysis and in- depth examination of issues to satisfy the busy but discerning reader looking for focused business news and commentary. As such, The Gusii Star is not only a mass-market paper but also one targeted to those discerning readers who are serious about business.


The Gusii Star is a growing medium for advertisers who have a particular message for those in business and the discerning up market readers.