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Borrow a leaf from firebrand politicians Leaders told .

By Gusii star .

Kisii Kenya 03 August 2021. ODM leader Raila Odinga has challenged current elected leaders from the Abagusii community to borrow a leaf from firebrand politicians from the area such as the late George Anyona Moseti and George Morara.

Raila who spoke on Monday during the burial of the the late wife to Former Kitutu Masaba Timothy Bosire also asked the people of Nyanza to work together as a team if they expected to win the presidency in the next General Election.

According to the former Prime minister it’s high time for the Nyanza region to come together and discuss issues affection the region and channel ways in how they will be addressed.

He has organized to start meetings that is geared towards kick starting his 2022 presidential campaigns.According to Raila, the first meeting will take place at Oyugis town o n Friday.

“The meeting will bring all leaders, where they will make a statement about the Kenya they want,” Raila told Mournes .

Raila said the next meeting will be held in Western, then Mombasa and then to the rest of the other regions before the final climax in Nairobi. .

Early before Raila is speech there was harsh ex-change of words between politicians supporting him and those backing Deputy President William Ruto led Silvanus Osoro (South Mugirango ).

“I am asking the former Prime Minister who is seated here to work with Ruto by supporting him to be the next President of the country,” Osoro told mourners.Maangi said although he was an ODM member, he was a friend of Ruto and asked Raila to create a political alliance with him.Kemosi claimed the Abagusii community will only support Raila if he backs Ruto in the next election. But Raila’s supporters could hear none of that.Ongeri and Ongwae said Ruto’s brand of politics was unacceptable in the region. Ongeri said the Abagusii will solidly vote for Raila for the presidency and told the Tanga Tanga group to stop lying to Ruto that he has votes in the area.Handouts“I caution members of our community not to blindly follow the young political leaders who don’t understand the poli-tics of Kisii region and the country,” said Ongeri.Ongwae declared Gusii region an ODM zone and dismissed politicians he accused of hoodwinking Ruto.“We had four by-elections in the Gusii region and all of them were won by ODM, an indication that ODM is a force to reckon with in Gusii,” he said.Wanga dismissed Osoro for “supporting the politics of handouts”.Wanga reminded the youthful MP that they knew Ruto more than him and there-fore did not require lectures about the DP.Orengo said that Raila will be Kenya’s next president adding the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) will not die as many people expected.Junet cautioned the Abagusii against dealing with Ruto who he said has no po-litical space for the community.